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Travel Legally, Insured, Safe, With Us

Your questions answered

Travel Legally, Insured, Safe, With Us

Its imperative to book with not only a reputable minibus company but one that safely adheres to ALL the legal aspects to carry passengers.

Below we have listed many of the requirements that competitor minibus companies DONT POSSESS here in Spain.

We urge you to check these requirements before you book, or for complete peace of mind fill in this form.

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Safety Warning

Please read this carefully as its very important for you and your family’s safety. All legal minibus companies that operate on the Costa del Sol need an official license from the Spanish government to operate within Andalucia.

There are several unlicensed operators operating along the Costa del Sol with NO LICENSE & NO INSURANCE!!

Beware of unlicensed malaga airport transfer companies

Pirate Unlicensed Minibuses

If your in any doubt about why your quotation doesn’t feel right, ask the company in question to send their legal documents to verify their authenticity.

Call us on (0034) 633 783 073 and we will gladly send a copy of all the official documents.

Pirate Taxis At Malaga Airport

Police forces across the Costa’s have reported an increase in the number of pirate taxi services in circulation. Many unlicensed operators are using the Costa del sol as a way to make fast cash and exposing you to unnecessary risks.

The laws for all taxi/private hire companies in Spain are extremely strict. Please be aware that there are numerous illegal companies with website’s and advertising on the Costa del Sol as legitimate taxi/transfer businesses. There are also apartment owners & letting agencies offering cheap transfers, these are also illegal.

Area Pirates In Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport strictly controls the arrivals area to weed out illegal transport pirates. Only legal companies are permitted into the airport arrivals area.

Your driver will be visibly holding a AENA card which will have the name of the lead passenger on. This is a mandatory procedure highlighted by AENA, which is the Spain’s Airport Governing body.

Genuine Welcome Card Malaga Airport Transfers

As the article opposite highlights Spanish police have begun clamping down on illegal transport companies so please don’t fall into this trap.

Vehicles are regularly checked for Tarjeta de Transporte and if your driver can not produce this documentation, the vehicle will be impounded, you out of pocket and stranded. We come across this story all too frequently so please avoid this horror story and book with a professional licensed company Malaga Airport Transfers.

Malaga Airport is patrolled continuously by the Guardia Civil (Police) & government inspectors looking for illegal touts.

If a transfer company asks to meet you anywhere apart from the designated area in the arrivals terminal, they will be illegal, (even if they use the excuse that this is due to building work), their vehicles will also not be insured for passenger liability cover.

You should remember that if stopped by the Guardia Civil (Police) the vehicle would be confiscated immediately leaving you stranded. A vehicle that is licensed will be SP (Servicio Public) plated by the Spanish authorities and you can always ask to see a copy of the companies “Tarjeta de Transporte” license if you are concerned. Please don’t ruin your holiday before it has started.

Malaga Pirate Taxi / Minibus

Recent Article from leading Costa del Sol leading newspaper

“Illegal Taxis Under Fire Local authorities are stepping up the campaign to clamp down on illegal taxi services favored for their cheaper tariffs.

Police forces across the Costa’s have reported an increase in the number of pirate taxi services in circulation. And the Director General of the Policia Local of Andalucia, said that they will not be tolerated. “This illegal activity has been denounced by the professionals of the sector and a meeting has now taken place between local taxi drivers’ associations and the security forces- Policia Local and Guardia Civil – in which the problems of the intrusion of illegal, ‘pirate’ taxis was discussed,” he said. Action must be taken to “control and eliminate these activities”, highlighting that anyone caught operating a business without the correct licence, or ‘Tarjeta de Transporte’ , was liable to receive a fine and have theirvehicle confiscated for a period of up to one year. He also pointed out the potential risk to users of these pirate taxis , with reference to their lack of insurancewhich must be carried by law by those who transport passengers for profit.

LICENCES Hundreds of people across the Costa’s are believed to be illegally pocketing cash from taxi and minibus runs without the obligatory licence’s and payment of income tax. However, for the few who have “done things by the book”, such as John Hicks of in Costa del Sol, the police clampdown is great news.

A legal company, it has been transporting visitors and residents for many years but is forced to compete with illegal operators in the popular holiday and golfing resort.

“I am not talking about someone picking up a neighbour and charging them for fuel,” he explained.

“I refer to on-going operations transporting people to and from the airport all day long, working up to 24 hours at the height of the season.

“These people are making thousands of euros each month, which means thousands worth of tax evasion- a crime which can result in up to ten years behind bars!”

“We all know who the illegal taxis are and most are easy to spot: I don’t know of any 9 person families in the area but every street has a minibus parked in it! Stop illegal taxi and mini-bus services and let the professional companies do an honest job”.